Enjoy your favorite pictures in 3D environment!
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We are launching our new product line, available on Pho.to site. Pho.to products combine everything a camera owner needs to fix, enhance, share and show off their photos in style. Go to Pho.to site to download the latest versions of My Pictures 3D products (Photo! 3D Screensaver and Photo! 3D Album from now on), as well as new cool galleries for them.

My Pictures 3D product line has been created to let you enjoy your favorite pictures in 3D environment! The first two of these products, My Pictures 3D Screensaver and My Pictures 3D Album, are already available. We plan to add more products, while continuing to enhance and update the products you already use.

The idea behind My Pictures 3D line is to place your digital photos into a picturesque environment of realistic 3D galleries. Imagine your pictures hanging on the walls of a modern Showroom, a secluded Yard or a bohemian-style Art Gallery. You can always download more galleries to use with My Pictures 3D products and plunge into the atmosphere of a Greek temple or a mysterious medieval castle. The pleasing lifelike atmosphere of all galleries is created thanks to amazingly natural-looking graphics and exquisite detail.

With My Pictures 3D line we are glad to offer you a variety of exciting opportunities - from enjoying screensavers featuring your photos to creating highly customizable 3D albums for sharing them with your friends and family.

My Pictures 3D Album 1.0 Beta is released! The new Beta version adds the ability to export galleries to Adobe Shockwave format.
Alongside with the new 1.0 Beta, version 0.96 is still available for download.
We are glad to introduce 5 new galleries! Feel the unique atmosphere of an American Indian Camp, a medieval Cathedral, a grassy Mill farm and let your breath be taken away by mighty Mountains and mysterious Pyramids!
We created a new Space Station gallery!
We have released the Yacht Wharf gallery - a true paradise for yacht lovers!
We still have something to surprise you! Prepare to be wowed by our new Lighthouse and Saloon galleries.
Check out our NEW Egypt gallery.
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